Robin Robinson santa clause

Robin Robinson santa clause
Robin Robinson santa clause, Is Santa Real? FOX Chicago News Anchor Robin Robinson Apologizes For Saying He's Not.

Tonight's Talker is about me talking too much without thinking about who else might be in the room with the adults watching the news.

And since I try not to make the same mistake twice: Warning, we are about to talk about Santa Claus again. You might want your children to leave the room (which is what we should have said last night).

It was careless and callous to say what I said in what could have been mixed company. So many kids don't get to be children that for those who can live the wonder and magic of Christmas, I would never spoil it intentionally. I sincerely apologize!

We've certainly heard how you feel about my mistake, and, since the talker is about opinions, here are some of yours from our Facebook page.

One last warning -- you might not want young kids to hear this.

Annette: "My jaw dropped when I heard her say that there was no Santa."

David: "I find it appalling. My son was watching, as we do almost every night."

Laura: "Robin, it's not your right to tell EVERYONE's kids this!"

Carol: "For somebody who has been on a major news channel for so long, (she) should know what to say and what not to say. Not all kids are asleep by 9."

Rebecca Lazzaro Sopron: "If I would have known she was going to say something so unprofessional believe me I would have turned it off."

Pam Heinisch-Lawrence: "When my children finally realized that there was not a Santa it just broke my heart. Stop taking the joy out of Christmas for our children and let them BELIEVE:)"

Meagan Lyn Ambriz: "Just cause we let them believe in something like a mythical person doesn't make us bad parents but a good one cause that means we let our kids have a wonderful imagination."

Christopher Mac Mullen "Children should know from day 1 that Santa isnt real and that their parents worked very hard to get them these gifts."

Barbara Wright "I feel Robin's pain I told my 5th graders inadvertently that there was no Santa. There was a big fuss about it. But it soon died down and everyone survived."

Jennifer Ramirez: "if your kids are mature enough to watch the nightly news - with reports of killings, child molestation investigations, corruption, etc. then they're mature enough to know that guy in the big red suit is fictitious."

And on a final note, famously in 1897, New York Sun editor Francis Pharcellus Church responded to a little girl named Virginia, who wanted to know if Santa existed. His response is here.

Source:myfoxchicago and newseu
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