Principal chocolate sauce photo

 Principal chocolate sauce photo
Principal chocolate sauce photo, Jane Addams principal: The photo comes as the school and its principal Sharron Smalls, 43, are under investigation for a credit-swap program that has allegedly allowed hundreds of students to receive a diploma without taking the courses required for graduation.

Ms Smalls used the scandalous photo as her Facebook profile picture until last week, but some students were able to find it and posted copies all around the school in retaliation for the credit-swap scandal.

As a result of the investigation, nearly half of the seniors at Jane Addams High School, in the south Bronx, may not graduate this May.

Their resentment of their principal was clear when some of the students talked to the New York Daily News about the racy Facebook photo.

‘I cannot believe my principal would dance like that,’ said Christine Daniels, 18, who is a senior at the school.

Others pointed out the hypocrisy highlighted by the photo: the all-girls school dress code tries to keep the students in line, saying ‘the thug look is out’.

‘She doesn’t want us to come to school with short shorts and then she turns around and does this. It’s gonna be bad for college, very bad,’ said senior Tehrra Smith, 17.

It seems that the students are not the only ones upset with Ms Small’s performance since she started leading the school in 2007.

‘These photos are just another example of our leader’s poor judgment. No matter how this turns out, principal Smalls needs to go,’ said Stephen Tavano, one of the school’s long-time math teachers.

The photo is clearly not going to do good things for Ms Smalls’ reputation, which is not coming at a bad time during the credit-swap investigation.

Jane Addams high school bronx, The school has been regarded poorly for quite some time, though, as it received the lowest grade on the city’s last progress report. As a result, the credit-swap issue seems to be simply adding to the reasons education officials are thinking of closing the school.

‘This is a school that has for years performed far below citywide averages. This is why we are considering phasing it out,’ said the city’s education department spokesman Margie Feinberg.

‘When you are in a leadership position in a school, you have to consider the potential downside of exposing your personal life on social media,’ Ms Feinberg told The Daily News.

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