Luminar Deal 3,000 Jobs

Luminar Deal 3,000 Jobs, A consortium led by three leisure industry veterans is poised to rescue Britain's biggest nightclub operator Luminar in a deal that would save up to 3,000 jobs, the Times reported on Wednesday.

Administrator to Luminar, which collapsed in October due to an 80 million pound debt, was in talks on Tuesday with Peter Marks, a former executive of Brook Leisure and Sports Cafe Holdings, over a deal worth up to 45 million pounds.

A deal involving almost all of the 64 Luminar nightclubs could be announced as early as Wednesday or Thursday, according to the newspaper.

Any deal, according to the article, is believed to not include the 12 loss-making clubs closed by administrators from Ernst & Young in recent days, with the loss of 330 jobs.

None of the parties involved were immediately available for comment.
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