Lohan Playboy January

Lohan Playboy January

Lohan Playboy January, The Lindsay Lohan Playboy release date has not been officially confirmed to news. But the cover for Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy photos should be released to news as early as December 9, 2011, LALATE can exclusively reveal.

Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy January 2012 issue arrives on newsstands in the coming weeks. Typically, Playboy releases the January print issue in advance of its publication month. But when are the first images in digital preview released to news? The answer rests with Pamela Anderson, LALATE can report.

Lindsay Lohan’s January 2012 follows in the footsteps of Pamela Anderson’s January 2011 issue. By at least December 9, 2010, Playboy released to news the cover photo of Pamela Anderson’s January 2011 issue. Then, days later, on roughly December 15, 2010, Playboy released to news two additional pictures of Anderson from inside the issue, along with two pages of Anderson’s article.

Unless Playboy departs from its timing used previously, fans should expect to see the cover photo for Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy issue by roughly December 9, 2011. Fans may also see a second round of additional images roughly a week later.

Anderson’s issue made news as a record thirteenth cover for the TV actress. It also featured a poem written by Anderson. In contrast, this is Lohan’s first shoot for Playboy after years of denying alleged offers from the publication. The issue also follows years of Lohan claiming that critics fail to take her seriously. “The tabloids don’t give you a chance. They don’t want to know who you are inside. If everything’s OK with you, who wants to hear about it? I believe in myself and I’m a good actress.”

Recently Lindsay Lohan made news by being named Ad.ly’s “biggest actress influencer”. Lohan said of the news “thank you… that’s such an honor.” It’s Lohan’s most notable award of the year. Lohan was nominated for the Teen Choice Awards three consecutive years from 2004 to 2007; she last won in 2004 for Mean Girls. The same role earned her an MTV Movie Award the following year.

On the music front, Lohan has yet to release a new album since the 2005 hit A Little More Personal (Raw). The album drew mixed reviews. Sal Cinquemani of Slant Magazine said the album was “more consistent than its predecessor, and it’s not a bad listen by any means.” He added “but for all the so-called weighty subject matter, there’s not much meat on these bones”.

The album eventually went to Gold in the US and Taiwan and reached twentieth position on the U.S. Billboard.

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