Lohan Playboy Cover Photo Perez Hilton

Lohan Playboy Cover Photo Perez Hilton, Pssst ... wanna see naked pictures of Lindsay Lohan? Well, you'll have to wait a little longer, until the January/February issue of Playboy hits newsstands.

But in the meantime, here's a sneak peek at the cover, courtesy of Perez Hilton.

The "Mean Girls" star, who's seen her share of legal troubles recently, reportedly received close to $1 million for the photo-shoot.

According to Lohan's spokesperson, the pictorial "is absolutely fantastic and very tasteful."

In November, Lohan's mother, Dina Lohan, reiterated that message to The Insider, noting, "It will be tastefully done. She's been working in front of the camera with Ford Models since she was a little girl, so she kinda knows how to work that."

And while he's on the subject of Lohan, celebrity blogger Hilton, reveals that the actress' diary has found its way into indiscreet hands. lindsay lohan net worth,

According to one entry published by Hilton, Lohan reflected somberly on the death of actor Heath Ledger, whom she'd reportedly dated shortly before he died of a drug overdose in 2008.

An entry by Lohan purportedly written on the day of Ledger's death reads, "Today Heath died. I'm in love with him. He was the love of my life. He taught me so much, and he was everything I've ever wanted and more. I want to hear him laugh and hold me. I crave his touch and care. When a person dies the world stops. I'm numb."

Lohan father hospital heart

Lohan Father Hospital Heart- Lindsay Lohan's estranged father was hospitalised on Thanksgiving Day and will undergo heart surgery on Friday, according to reports. Michael Lohan fell ill on Thursday night and was taken to hospital with high blood pressure. After undergoing tests, Lohan needed a stint in his heart and scheduled surgery for today, according to TMZ.com. Doctors also discovered a blood clot in one of his lungs. Lohan last underwent heart surgery in February.

He is currently in a court-ordered treatment centre in Florida after pleading no contest to domestic violence charges following an altercation with ex-girlfriend Kate Major. Lohan was formally charged with domestic violence, violation of a domestic injunction and resisting arrest earlier this month.
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