Lacey Schwimmer plastic surgery

Lacey Schwimmer plastic surgery
Lacey Schwimmer plastic surgery, lacey schwimmer date of birth June 28, 1988, Lacey Schwimmer, is only 23-years old, from "Dancing With the Stars" reportedly has gone under the knife.

According to some rumors, Schwimmer may be trying to transform herself into a popular doll. Lacey Schwimmer is a professional dancer, who has become a regular on “Dancing with the Stars”. She was most recently partnered with DWS contestant Steve-O from Jackass, who she openly had a crush on.

This weekend, the 23-year-old dancer, showed up to Vanity Nightclub in Las Vegas looking like an early 90′s hooker. In addition to the bad makeup, bleached blonde hair and cheap/tacky/ugly outfit, the competitive ballroom dancer has also added a few things to her person that arn’t going to be so easy to fix Fake boobs and a new nose.

Lacey is desperate to become a star and apparently being on a reality show is not good enough for her. Lacey has pulled a “Heidi Montag” and is trying to launch herself into celebrity stardom by getting over-the-top plastic surgery and pretending to be a singer.

She also has had lip filler injections and what appears to be Botox injections. I don’t know what in gods-name she was thinking because Lacey looked one hundred times better before the plastic surgery and Hollywood hooker makeover.
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