Kate Winslet Most Desirable Body

Kate Winslet Most Desirable Body, Kate Winslet has been voted to have the most desirable body in Hollywood. The poll is a bit surprising for two reasons: firstly, she does not sport the kind of stick thin figure that seems to be world parameters nowadays, and two, nor has she been voted by men. It has always been known that men would definitely choose a healthier looking woman with more curves to show off. Yet, it is known for a fact too that women around the world attempt to achieve that particular body type that can only be seen in supermodels, and far from reality.

Despite the set parameters, Kate Winslet, who flaunts a full, perfect figure, but not in accordance to the fashion industry standards, has been voted to have the body most women would die for. She came top of the poll with 15% votes, closely followed by Kelly Brook and Halle Berry. The fact that the voters were all women and that they had rooted for celebrities with a fuller, more womanly figure, marks a definitive change in perception.

In fact, the poll marks an emerging trend that is welcome not only because it is safer and healthier, but also because it is far closer to reality. Women around the world finally seem to have realized what men had always professed, that a healthy, curvaceous body is way more preferable to a skinny, skeletal one. The fact that women chose these three comparatively heavier women to anorexic ones, show that there has come about a significant change in the international standards of beauty or desirability.
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