Jennifer Lopez Cris Judd Divorce $15 Million

Jennifer Lopez Cris Judd Divorce $15 Million, Jennifer Lopez Cris Judd divorce $15 million, Jennifer Lopez turned Cris Judd into a star, and now it seems as though she's about to make him a very wealthy man. According to several newspaper reports, Jennifer will settle with her former husband for approximately $15 million.

We caught up with the dancer last month, right after the couple announced they were calling it quits. Judd was distraught and had gone back home to Florida to seek solace from his family. And now, we are learning that Jennifer was also very upset, convinced this marriage would last forever.

Janice Minn with Us Magazine says, “Most Hollywood stars are advised heavily by their lawyers to enter a marriage with a pre-nup. It's actually very shocking that she didn't have one.”

Minn says even though the settlement figure seems high, the deal is a prudent business move for Jennifer. That's because, in their short time together, Judd was very involved in Lopez' career, choreographing her NBC special and collaborating on some of her songs. Minn says, “Luckily, the two of them have remained very good friends, and this well help Jennifer in the long run. There will be no ugly trial. He won't sell a tell-all. He will continue to respect her privacy."
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