Jay-Z Obama Can Tax Me

Jay-Z Obama Can Tax Me, Shawn Carter the winner of multiple Grammy Awards who is better known by his stage name said in an interview Friday that he personally isn’t bothered by the idea of paying more taxes.

“I wouldn’t mind paying more taxes if it went to the things that really mattered. If it went to education, people [in] poverty and if it went to the right things,” the rapper and producer, whose net worth has been estimated a half billion dollars, said on CNNMoney. “It should be clearly defined … where all the money’s being allocated. Because you can understand paying so much for taxes and then things not improving, you’re like, where’s everything going to?”

Jay-Z, calling for an “open accounting” of how Americans’ tax dollars are spent, said he believes other wealthy people who have a “conscience,” “integrity” and “moral fiber,” similarly wouldn’t mind coughing up more of their hard-earned dollars if there were assurances that their money was being spent on good causes.

The artist, famous for songs such as “99 Problems,” also said the Occupy Wall Street protesters who claim to represent the country’s “99 percent” were doing “a good thing.”
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