'Jaws' ride closing at Universal Studios

'Jaws' ride closing at Universal Studios
'Jaws' ride closing at Universal Studios, jaws ride closing universal orlando Universal Studios Florida plans to close one of its oldest and most popular attractions next month to make way for a new attraction.

Jaws ride opening 1990: The theme park announced on Facebook on Friday that on Jan. 2 it will permanently shut down its "Jaws" ride, which is based on the blockbuster 1975 Steven Spielberg movie.

It was one of the original features at the park when it opened in 1990. The surrounding "Amity" area inspired by the island where the movie was set will also close down to make room for a new attraction. universal orlando attendance,

The park isn't releasing any details about what's next.

Other original features that have been closed since the park began include the "King Kong" ride and a "Ghostbusters" themed stage show.
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