Gift ideas from across the U.S.

Gift ideas from across the U.S. Buying American is easy to do this holiday season, with a diverse array of regional gifts available from sea to shining sea. From the kitschy to the sophisticated, the possibilities are endless.

American beer: This period of early-American history changed the nature of American beer. Although the industry is still dominated by large beer companies such as this one, microbreweries throughout the country produce craft beers, which can make an ideal gift.
American cheese: Cheeses from across the U.S. make great gifts and are the perfect wintertime snack. A cheeseboard that features a range of delicious American cheeses is an ideal gift for any holiday party.
American clothing: Buying someone clothing is a gift that shows you understand his or her fashion sense. It can also be an opportunity to show off your own local fashions. Different parts of America specialize in different clothing, so you can choose an item unique to your area.

Tea and coffee: In a country that had a major rebellion over tea, that beverage as well as coffee are widely consumed. Whether you frequent a large coffee chain or make your own tea, there is a perfect gift out there for all tastes.
American cookbooks: The variety of regional cooking in the United States makes for ample cookbook offerings, from traditional to specialized. If you're buying a gift for a culinary whiz, a cookbook will encourage him or her to explore new dishes and styles.
Jewelry: America's natural resources provide unique metals and stones for creating jewelry distinctive to particular regions. The holidays are the perfect occasion for jewelry gift giving.
Kitchen items: If you know someone who is a keen cook, then kitchen accessories are the perfect gift. Depending on your budget and the tastes of the recipient, there is a gift of every shape and size that reflects where you're from.

American music: The enormous variety of musical styles throughout the United States means there is something for every taste. Although many genres can trace their origins to this style of music, there is a wide range of different options for the music fan.
Nicknacks: Nicknacks refers to small ornaments or trinkets, which can be an inexpensive and fun gift. Most towns sell local nicknacks that reveal the character of the area, so there is a broad range of gifts to choose from.
Novelty gifts: If you know someone with a great sense of humor, then getting a novelty gift is the perfect idea. There are all kinds of novelty gifts that will suit different personalities, all of which will show off where you're from.
Nuts and snacks: Because of its different ecosystems, America produces a wide variety of nuts and dried-fruit snacks. If you are looking for a healthy and delicious gift, nuts and snacks are the perfect option.
Outdoor gear: America is the land of the great outdoors. With so many outdoor activities to participate in, there's something for everyone on your holiday list.
American preserves, jams & jellies: With its numerous fruit-producing regions, the United States is a mecca for native preserves, jams and jellies.
Sausage: Sausages come in a range of flavors and meats and are the perfect food for a cold winter evening. With so many different local types, even for nonmeat eaters there is sure to be one for every taste.
Sports team merchandise: Sports franchises exist in almost every major city in the country. While some cities, such as this one, have more than their fair share, there are local sports teams almost everywhere, meaning there is an abundance of sports team merchandise for gift giving.

American toys and games: When the cold winter nights begin, it's great to stay indoors and play board games. You can buy games tailored to a specific U.S. location, and they are perfect for the winter holidays.
American wine: America produces wine in all 50 states, meaning wherever you live, you have a local winery. Although some regions, such as this one, are more established, there are a many good wineries across the nation, meaning you can give a gift that is both local and delicious.
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