Eminem And Atrocious Sydney

 Eminem And Atrocious Sydney, Eminem fans demand refund for 'atrocious' Sydney concert, Hundreds of angry Eminem fans demanded their concert money returned as both the Sydney concerts of the rapper were allegedly marred by ‘atrocious’ sound issues.

One of the most anticipated Australian tour of the year, the Sydney Football Stadium concerts have come under attack from agitated ticket holders, with many arguing they “couldn’t hear a thing”, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The official Facebook page for tour promoter Paul Dainty, who has been responsible for bringing Britney Spears, George Michael and Bon Jovi to Australia, was inundated with disgruntled feedback, with some punters even threatening to contact the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

All the affected parties appear to be seated in the outer areas of the stadium, around section 50, with the 350-dollar ticket holders closer to the stage confirming their sound was just fine.

One attendee told Confidential the issues were so severe a large section of the crowd starting chanting “turn it up”.

“It got so loud Eminem even heard it, but he must have thought they were yelling “take it off” because he started pulling his shirt up,” News.com.au quoted the source as saying.

The hip hopper’s one Melbourne show at Etihad Stadium received rave reviews, with pitch-perfect sound.

The Sydney reviewers apparently did not pick up on the negative feedback because they were in the unaffected areas.

“When Eminem tried to communicate with his fans we were left with mouths agape attempting to read his lips ridiculous!” concert goers wrote.
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