Celebrity Deaths 2011

Celebrity Deaths 2011, Dorothy Howell Rodham was best known for being the mother of a famous political figure. She made few television appearances, although she did campaign when her daughter was running for the presidential nomination. She was last seen in public at granddaughter Chelsea’s wedding. What did Dorothy Rodham die from?,

Leonard Stone
Died Nov. 2 (b. 1923)

Leonard Stone was an actor most famous for his role in the classic film, "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory." He also appeared in a famous TV series. Despite being an actor, he also appeared as an ordinary contestant on a well-known game show. Leonard Stone Wheel of Fortune, leonard stone died of cancer,
John Opel
Died Nov. 3 (b. 1925)

John Opel was the former CEO of computer giant IBM where he hired this future billionaire (who went on to found Microsoft, which owns MSN) to create an operating system. John+Opel+Natural+Causes,
Lou Maletta
Died Nov. 2 (b. 1936)

Lou Maletta was a famous gay rights activist. After serving in the military, he became a voice for gay and lesbian issues and went on to found this cable network. Lou Maletta Army,  lou maletta died of liver cancer,
Cory Smoot
Died Nov. 3 (b. 1977)

Cory Smoot was the guitarist in this heavy-metal band, performing as his alter-ego Flattus Maximus. Smoot was found dead in his tour bus as the band was heading to a performance. +cory smoot cause of death is unknown ,
Bob Forsch
Died Nov. 3 (b. 1950)

Bob Forsch was a right-handed pitcher who spent most of his MLB career with this team. During his career he pitched two no-hitters. His brother, Ken, also pitched a no-hitter while playing for this team, making them the only brothers who have done this. Bob Forsch Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm,
Andy Rooney
Died Nov. 4 (b. 1919)

Andy Rooney was a TV commentator, most famous for appearing on "60 Minutes." During the Second World War, Rooney worked as a journalist in London. He became well-known for his political commentary on "60 Minutes" and made his final television appearance less than a month before his death. Andy Rooney 60 minutes,  +andy rooney died of complications following surgery,
Cynthia Myers
Died Nov. 4 (b. 1950)

Cynthia Myers was a model best known for posing in Playboy in 1968. Her centerfold was popular with soldiers in Vietnam and appears in this Vietnam War film. She later became an actress. Cynthia Myers no details of the cause of death,
John Randolph Hearst Jr.
Died Nov. 4 (b. 1933)

John Randolph Hearst Jr. was part of an iconic media family, and spent much of his working life in the newspaper industry. He worked as a photographer and later edited this magazine. william randolph hearst, New York Daily Mirror, Motor Boat and Sailing Magazine, John Randolph Hearst cause of death not disclosed,
Norton Dodge
Died Nov. 5 (b. 1927)

Norton Dodge was an economist and world-renowned art collector, whose collection is housed at this museum. Dodge taught for most of his academic life, eventually retiring in 1988. University of Maryland, College Park,  norton dodge multiple organ failure,
George Ansbro
Died Nov. 5 (b. 1915)

George Ansbro was best known as a radio host, working for NBC. He later wrote an autobiography of his life in radio, after retiring in 1990. His cause of death is unknown. I have a lady in the the balcony,
Mel Hancock
Died Nov. 6 (b. 1929)

Mel Hancock was a Missouri congressman between 1988 and 1997. After serving in this branch of the military, he became interested in taxation policy, and founded this organization. U.S. Air Force, Taxpayer Survival Association, Hancock Amendment,
Margaret Field
Died Nov. 6 (b. 1922)

Margaret Field was an actress famous for her work in Westerns. She also appeared in this sci-fi classic before cutting her career short in 1959 to focus on her family. The Range Rider, Margaret Field + cancer,
Joe Frazier
Died Nov. 7 (b. 1944)

Joe Frazier was a heavyweight boxer, who won an Olympic Gold Medal in 1964. He was most famous for his fights against this opponent. He was the undisputed heavyweight champion between 1971 and 1973, when he lost his crown. Smokin' Joe,  Joe Frazier + liver cancer,
Bil Keane
Died Nov. 8 (b. 1922)

The creator of "Family Circle," the most widely-syndicated single-panel daily cartoon in the world, Keane modeled his characters after his own family. The comic made its debut in 1960, celebrating its 50th year in syndication in 2010. Family Circus + 1,500 newspapers,  Bil Keane died of congestive heart failure,
Jimmy Norman
Died Nov. 8 (b. 1937)

Jimmy Norman was a composer and song writer for several famous artists, including Bob Marley and the Rolling Stones. As well as having a chart hit in his own right he also performed as a session musician with this guitar icon. I Don't Love you No More Jimmy Norman,  Jimmy Norman jazz musician died after long illness,
Benny McCoy
Died Nov. 9 (b. 1915)

Benny McCoy was a left-handed batter who spent his MLB career with these teams. When the U.S. Navy and World War II forced him to miss four seasons, he didn’t recover his skill, and despite being the highest paid player in the league in 1940, he never played another major league game. Benny McCoy,
Killer Karl Kox
Died Nov. 10 (b. 1931)

"Killer" Karl Kox was a professional wrestler in both the U.S. and Japan. His most famous rivalry was with Haystacks Calhoun, although he used his signature move on a number of wrestlers. Kox made his final appearance in August 2011, before his death three months later. Haystacks Calhoun, Killer Karl Kox + complications + heart attack,
Evelyn Lauder
Died Nov. 12 (b. 1936)

Evelyn Lauder was famous for her work with breast cancer, developing a charity to raise money for research, and personally creating its famous symbol. She worked for her mother-in-law, although she used much of it to fund her philanthropic work. Breast Cancer Research Foundation,  Evelyn Lauder + ovarian cancer,
Jamie Pierre
Died Nov. 13 (b. 1973)

Jamie Pierre was a professional skier, famous for his daring jumps off cliffs. In 2006 he broke the world record for the highest jump off a mountain cliff. Matthew Jamison Pierre, Jamie Pierre + 255-foot cliff jump,  Jamie Pierre + killed in avalanche,
Ilya Zhitomirskiy
Died Nov. 12 (b. 1989)

Ilya Zhitomirskiy was a software developer and entrepreneur. He is best known for developing a ‘pod’-based social networking software, Diaspora, which he conceived with four college friends. +Ilya Zhitomirskiy died of possible suicide,
Karl Slover
Died Nov. 15 (b. 1918)

Karl Slover was an actor most famous for his role as one of the munchkins in the "Wizard of Oz." His most famous scene will live on in cinematic history. Karl Slover + cardiopulmonary arrest,
Johnny Schmitz
Died Oct. 1 (b. 1920)

Johnny Schmitz was a left-handed pitcher who spent most of his MLB career with the Chicago Cubs. Although World War II forced him to miss three seasons, he went on to play two All-Star Games, before finishing his career (with what team?) in 1956. Johnny Schmitz + baseball + died of natural causes, johnny schmitz "Bear Tracks"
Don Lapre
Died Oct. 2 (b. 1964)

Don Lapre made his name appearing on infomercials, most notably for his Internet-based business. He was indicted in June and was awaiting trial in an Arizona jail when he died. Don Lapre + TV + The King of Infomercials, don lapre greatest vitamin in the world, Don Lapre + fraud charges, don lapre + suicide
Arthur Nielsen
Died Oct. 3 (b. 1919)

Arthur Nielsen Jr. inherited his father's namesake company in 1975, making it an essential barometer for. In addition to being an astute businessman, he was a nationally ranked tennis player. ACNielsen + market research Ac Nielsen + TV ratings a c nielsen + father and son tennis champs.A.C. Nielsen Jr. + cause of death + inconclusive, What's My Line,
Kenneth H. Dahlberg
Died Oct. 4 (b. 1917)

Kenneth Dahlberg was a highly decorated fighter pilot during World War II. He made his fortune in the 1950s by pioneering small-device hearing aids. After selling his company in 1994 to Bausch & Lomb, Dahlberg became a venture capitalist. distinguished flying cross Miracle Ear bausch & lomb kenneth h. dahlberg death of natural causes
Doris Belack
Died Oct. 4 (b. 1926)

Doris Belack's acting career spanned more than 60 years, with roles in theater, television and film. She acted throughout her life, and her last appearance was in an episode of this TV show in 2003. Daytime soap operas, Doris Belack + cause of death + natural causes Grand Theft Auto IV
Fred Shuttlesworth
Died Oct. 5 (b. 1922)

Fred Shuttlesworth was a leader in the civil rights movement and a contemporary of the Rev. Martin Luther King. He founded a religious organization, which successfully campaigned against racism in his home state. Watch video of his childhood reminiscences. Fred Shuttleworth + Freddie Lee Robinson pastor martin luther king southern christian leadership conference, Fred Shuttlesworth + death + declining health, birmingham alabama airport
Steve Jobs
Died Oct. 5 (b. 1955)

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was the founder and creative visionary behind one of the world's largest companies. As well as dominating the computer industry, Jobs co-founded Pixar and pioneered an array of products. A new biography of Jobs tops the best-seller lists apple's net worth + $300 billion, Steve Jobs + 317 patents steve jobs by walter isaacson, steve jobs biography + bestseller, steve jobs cause of death respiratory arrest pancreas cancer, steve jobs + sister
Charles Napier
Died Oct. 5 (b. 1936)

Actor Charles Napier initially got a job pursuing his childhood dream. However, he eventually turned to acting, starring in "The Blues Brothers" among many other films. Charles Napier actor + cause of death,
Al Davis
Died Oct. 8 (b. 1929)

Al Davis, a former NFL coach and owner of the Oakland Raiders, won three Super Bowls as the Raiders' general manager. al davis 3 super bowl wins 1976, 1980 and 1983 Al Davis + obit + cause of death
David Hess
Died Oct. 8 (b. 1936)

An actor known for his roles in horror films, including this Wes Craven classic, David Hess was also a seasoned songwriter. Hess wrote several songs for "the King." He was the original singer of one of Elvis Presley's biggest hits all shook up + Elvis Presley David Hess + cause of death + heart attack
Mikey Welsh
Died Oct. 8 (b. 1971)

Mikey Welsh was a guitarist and artist, most famous for being a member of Weezer. He left music to focus on his art and became a member of Outside Art. View his artwork. Mikey Welsh + cause of death Burton snowboards,
Chauncey Hardy
Died Oct. 9 (b. 1988)

Chauncey Hardy (see photos) was an American basketball player who played professionally in Europe (where?). He was a graduate of Sacred Heart University, where he was a standout player Chauncey Hardy + cause of death + killed, CSS Giurgiu
Albert Rosellini
Died Oct. 10 (b. 1910)

Albert Rosellini served as governor of Washington from 1957 to 1965. As well as passing various reforms, Rosellini was the first Roman Catholic to be elected governor in a Western state. albert rossellini + obituary + cause of death, governor albert d. rosellini floating bridge lake wa,
Frank Kameny
Died Oct. 11 (b. 1925)

Frank Kameny was a major figure in the U.S. gay rights movement. A graduate of Harvard, he was fired from the U.S. Civil Service but took his case to the Supreme Court. He later founded the Mattachine Society U.S. Civil Service, Mattachine Society, frank kameny cause of dead Theodore Roosevelt Award
Bob Galvin
Died Oct. 11 (b. 1922)

Bob Galvin's father was the founder of Motorola, and Galvin took over from his dad as the company's CEO in 1956. A graduate of this university, Galvin is remembered for his fervent support of the IT community and his savvy business skills. Paul Galvin motorola robert galvin cause of death obituary Vannevar Bush Award
Dennis Ritchie
Died Oct. 12 (b. 1941)

Dennis Ritchie was famous for being the creator of this computer language. Ritchie was given the Turing Award in 1983 for services to technology, and in 1998 he received the National Medal of Technology (see video) from this U.S. president. c programming language, Turing Award, Dennis Ritchie cause of death
Sue Mengers
Died Oct. 15 (b. 1932)

Sue Mengers was one of the entertainment industry's most powerful talent agents. Starting her career as a secretary, she eventually became an agent for this famous actor and this leading lady. Sue Mengers + cause of death The Last of Sheila
Matthew Martinez
Died Oct. 15 (b. 1929)

Matthew Martinez, a member of Congress, is famous for representing both major parties. Although he was elected to Congress nine times, he eventually was ousted by a more liberal member of his own party Matthew Martinez Congressman cause of death
Dan Wheldon
Died Oct. 16 (b. 1978)

English-born racing driver Dan Wheldon was a two-time Indianapolis 500 winner. He was killed in a 15-car pileup while competing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Indianapolis 500 winner + Dan Wheldon+ 2005 and 2011 Indianapolis 500 las vegas motor speedway
Anna Massey

Although she claimed that Hollywood never beckoned, this British actress maintained a successful 50-year career
Jane Scott

Scott was a world-famous rock 'n' roll critic who wrote for her hometown newspaper. She earned this title.
Otto von Habsburg

Von Habsburg was the last crown prince of this fallen empire. He subsequently headed one of Europe's most powerful groups
Cy Twombly

Twombly was a famous painter with a unique style. Notably, he won this Japanese award.
Gordon Tootoosis

Tootoosis was a prolific Canadian actor who championed aboriginal culture. He followed in his father's footsteps.
Theodore Roszak

A history professor, Roszak was known for his influential 1968 book "The Making of a Counter Culture". He introduced a new term for a social movement.
John Mackey

Mackey was a professional football player who redeemed a key play in Super Bowl V
Dick Williams
Williams was a longtime baseball player and manager
Betty Ford

Betty Ford, the wife of President Gerald Ford, set new precedents for first ladies. She was devoted to these causes.
Roberts Blossom

Blossom had memorable roles in "The Great Gatsby" alongside Robert Redford, "Home Alone", "Slaughterhouse Five" and "Northern Exposure."
Rob Grill

Grill was the lead singer of the Grass Roots and its longest-serving member. The band charted many hit singles.
Sherwood Schwartz

Schwartz was the producer and creator of "Gilligan's Island" and "The Brady Bunch"
Googie Withers

Withers was born on one continent, rose to fame on another and resided on a third. She was best known for her role in an Alfred Hitchcock film.
Lucian Freud

Freud was a significant British artist whose compositions display psychological insight.
Elliot Handler

Handler co-founded Mattel and is known as the father of Barbie
Tom Aldredge

Aldredge was an enduring actor in all mediums. He is best known for his role in a TV drama
Amy Winehouse

Winehouse debuted as a young R&B sensation. Her second album, "Back to Black," brought her international fame and Grammy Awards, amid her battles with drug and alcohol addiction
John Shalikashvili

Shalikashvili was a U.S. Army general who became the chief military officer of the U.S. armed forces
G.D. Spradlin

Following his international work, Spradlin had an illustrious acting career. He often played the villain, like in "Tank" and "The Lords of Discipline"
Joe Arroyo

Arroyo was a legendary Caribbean musician. He creatively mixed music and earned this nickname.
Dan Peek

Peek was an accomplished musician and a member of the band America. He transitioned to Christian music with a big hit
Jeff Conaway

Conaway lit up the screen as Kenickie in "Grease" (1978) and as the pretentious struggling actor Bobby in TV's classic sitcom "Taxi." He appeared on three seasons of "Babylon 5" in the '90s. In later years, the actor struggled to overcome drug and alcohol addictions.
Ernest Wilkins Jr.

Wilkins was the youngest student ever at the University of Chicago. His life was a series of firsts for math and science and African-Americans.
Jackie Cooper

Cooper was the youngest Academy Award nominee, for his role in a 1931 film, until another actor usurped him in 1979. Cooper went on to TV roles and TV production.
Mary Murphy actress

Murphy was a film and TV actress who shared the silver screen with the big names of Hollywood. Her big break came alongside Marlon Brando in a 1953 classic.
Arthur Laurents

Laurents made great contributions to both the stage, including "West Side Story," and the silver screen, including "The Turning Point" and "The Way We Were."
Claude Choules

Choules was the last living World War I veteran. He became a national treasure and was the oldest living man on a continent.
John Walker

Walker founded the Walker Brothers band, which was not composed of brothers and was most popular overseas. Walker influenced other musicians, including a pair of brothers and a rock icon.
Kate Swift feminist

Swift was a feminist activist and prolific writer. She and her partner challenged the sexism of language, starting with sex education.
Seve Ballesteros

Ballesteros was a popular Spanish golfer and a worldwide champion. He was the victor twice at the Masters Tournament, a standout winner at the World Match Play Championship and repeatedly dominated the Ryder Cup.
Lionel Rose

Rose was the most popular boxer in Australia. He was the first Indigenous Australian to win a world title.
Mia Amber Davis

Davis was a model and an actress known for her role in a cultish comedic film. She spent much of her time speaking about healthy body images.
Robert Traylor

Traylor was a skilled basketball player who excelled on the University of Michigan team and played for several NBA teams.
Ron Springs

Springs was an NFL running back who played for "America's Team" and the "Pewter Pirates" and is remembered fondly by his teammates.
Derek Boogaard

Boogaard was an accomplished hockey player from the Canadian prairies who played for the Minnesota Wild and "the Broadway Blueshirts."
Barbara Stuart

Stuart acted in many TV shows in her 50-year career. In the 1980s, she added comedic films to her repertoire, one in 1980 starring Leslie Nielsen and one in 1984 starring Tom Hanks.
Samuel Wanjiru

Wanjiru was a running phenom from Kenya. He was the first Kenyan to win marathon gold.
Harmon Killebrew

Killebrew played professional baseball for 22 years, during which time he played for three teams. He rivaled the Great Bambino in their league's home run count.
Randy Savage
Wrestler Randy "Macho Man" Savage was victorious in the World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling, International Championship Wrestling and the United States Wrestling Association. World Wrestling Entertainment named him the all-time greatest.
Bill Rechin

Rechin was a prolific cartoonist whose creations include "Crock", "Out of Bounds" and "Pluribus"
Joseph Brooks
Brooks was a composer who started out writing jingles, notably for Pepsi and for Maxwell House, and achieved great success in film.
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