Cake Boss Next Great Baker

Cake Boss Next Great Baker, The TLC show, "Cake Boss" is full of change and challenge with the head torta dello chef Buddy Valastro at the helm. With a book, "Cake Boss: Stories and Recipes from Mia Famiglia," two spin off shows, "Next Great Baker" and "Kitchen Boss," the every day operation of a bakery and a new warehouse there does not seem to be any stopping Buddy and his crew of cake batter mavericks.

Over the past few seasons, there have been some major changes in the crew or famiglia as Buddy calls everyone. Some have left for bigger and better reasons, some left for not so good reasons. The size of the crew though, is growing and becoming increasingly diverse. From a previous circus announcer to a guy with dinosaurs sticking out of his ears, Buddy has defiantly kept his mind open to new things.

From the start of the show, Buddy has always expressed his determination to grow the business into a mega bakery with Carlos Bakery being a household name. With the family standing behind him, it appears that his dream is within reach. The opening of a warehouse has made it possible for Carlos Bakery to produce larger amounts of their delicious bake goods and ship them around the world.

As for the show, the changes are subtle but obvious. The opening song has changed from random music being played in the background to the cast dancing to a version of the song Sugar, Sugar from the Archies. This is hard to watch as Buddy has the moves of a turtle stuck on a rock. It is obvious he did not get his moves from Momma. The other change is the adventurous family outings and trips. Watching someone roll out fondant for an hour would be horribly boring, so this break is well needed and very entertaining.

The show continues to grow as does the monster cakes that they produce. This is a case of change being a good thing. Always intriguing and full of wonderment, what comes next should be a sight to see.
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