Breast Implant Disappears

Breast Implant Disappears, One woman says her breast implant has completely disappeared after doing pilates, an exercise much like yoga, which involves deep breathing and stretching.

Normally pilates is a very safe exercise that helps strengthen the body. The 59-year-old said her body just “swallowed” it.
The woman’s ordeal was published online in the latest New England Journal of Medicine. She is a cancer survivor who had recently undergone a double mastectomy and then got breast implants.

In a Pilates routine, she was doing a breathing technique in which a person takes deep breaths and holds them while bearing down.

It is called a Valsalva maneuver and it increases pressure inside your chest cavity. In this case it was enough to send her implant through the tissue between her ribs and into the space in between the lungs.

When the woman arrived at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore she wasn’t experiencing any chest pain or breathing problems.

Doctors call this a rare occurrence.

However, surgeons retrieved the implant from her chest and put it back correctly.
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