Athletes on the Naughty List

Athletes on the Naughty List
Athletes on the Naughty List, It's not a secret, Ndamukong Suh has developed a rep for being a dirty player. The heat has really come down on him after his shenanigans in the Detroit Lions' Thanksgiving Day game against the Green Bay Packers. Suh was punished for his stomp on the arm of Evan Dietrich-Smith (watch the video of the dirty play that led to Suh's ejection from the game). He was handed a two-game suspension from the league and heads up this list of the naughtiest athletes of 2011. Ndamukong Suh suspended two games, Ndamukong Suh stomp slipped and lost his balance,

In the line of dominating tennis players, Serena Williams has both incredible talent and incredible meltdowns. In the past, Serena has taken her meltdowns to the extreme — screaming, harsh one-liners and pointing to call out officials — are all part of her repertoire. She followed up 2010's infamous US Open outburst with another one in 2011, during her final against Samantha Stosur (watch video of her lashing out at the judge). It's safe to say Serena has been just a little naughty this year. samantha stosur beats serena williams,
Darius Miles has had his fair share of run-ins with the law, but his latest encounter is a head-scratcher. The former NBA player was arrested at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport in August after TSA officials discovered a banned object during X-ray screening (what was it?). The St. Louis native was booked into jail and later released. Darius Miles loaded gun,
Kurt Busch is well known in NASCAR for his salty language over the team radio whenever a race isn't going his way, but at NASCAR's season finale fans got to experience his outbursts outside the race after a video of the driver hurling expletives at a reporter went viral (how much did it cost him in fines?). Penske Racing, Busch's employer, formally apologized and reviewed the matter internally, then opted to fire him in the offseason. kurt busch fined $50K,
There's a lot that goes on behind the curtain in the lives of sports stars. The one rule is: Keep it in the family. Shaquille O'Neal, who is rumored to be engaged to a reality star (who?), apparently has no interest in adhering to that rule. In his new book, "Shaq Uncut" (shop for it), the former NBA superstar kissed and told everything about his time in the league, including his contentious feelings toward ex-Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant. Looks like the title of his book was true to form. hoopz nicole alexander, Shaq Uncut Kobe Bryant "greatest Laker of all time",
Professional athletes hate to lose. Everyone accepts that. But what people don't accept is an athlete hitting below the belt when frustrated. That is exactly why the Los Angeles Lakers' Andrew Bynum (right) isn't on everyone's Christmas list this year. At the tail end of a first-round playoff game — and series — in which his Lakers were getting blown out, Bynum took on Dallas Mavericks guard J.J. Barea, who is about half his size. Bynum leveled cross-checked Barea in the chest, taking his legs out from under him while the guard was in the air (watch the nasty hit). Bad move, Andrew. andrew bynum apologized for jj barea,
Video games, fried chicken and beer -- sounds like the title to an album. That coupling of words actually describes the clubhouse shenanigans that reportedly went on behind the scenes for the Boston Red Sox. Three pitchers (which ones?) stirred up a media firestorm when it was alleged that on their "off days" the three enjoyed some relaxation in the clubhouse playing video games and noshin' on some fried chicken - during games. Only one pitcher admitted to drinking beer, in a report in the Boston Globe. John Lackey, Jon Lester and Josh Beckett video games fried chicken beer,
"Tattoo-gate" will remain fresh in the minds of Buckeye nation for years to come. Terrelle Pryor, the biggest name in the controversy, will remain an outcast in Columbus. Pryor's misstep happened when he decided to trade memorabilia for tattoos, launching a scandal that ultimately brought on the end of legendary Ohio State coach Jim Tressel's tenure in May. What happened to just asking for a tattoo as a holiday gift? +jim tressel university of akron,
Nobody had a problem with the Phoenix Coyotes' Raffi Torres' choice to party on Halloween this year dressed up as a famous rapper (who?). It was his decision to go in blackface that raised some eyebrows. Maybe not the best choice for the hockey player. Despite insisting he's a fan of the artist and meant it only as a tribute, Torres took some heat for it.
At least Cal Clutterbuck can take pride in the fact that he throws a pretty wicked punch. Clutterbuck landed a big blow to the jaw during a fight in a game the Minnesota Wild played against the Vancouver Canucks. However, the punch didn't connect with his intended target. Instead, a linesman bore the brunt of Clutterbuck's wrath. Temper, temper.
Talk about taking a bite out of the competition. The Vancouver Canucks' Alex Burrows didn't like the Boston Bruins' Patrice Bergeron putting his hand in Burrows' face, so the Canuck chomped down on Bergeron's finger (according to Bergeron, that is). Sure, it was a finger in a well-padded hockey glove, but Bergeron still received a small cut on his finger. Burrows was given two roughing minors during the Stanley Cup Finals game, but the league said there was no conclusive evidence that he intentionally bit the Bruin, so he was not suspended.
When Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mike Leake entered a Macy's department store one afternoon in Cincinnati, he was looking to add a few new items to his wardrobe. For whatever reason, though, he allegedly wasn't planning on paying for them. Five hours before his team faced the Pittsburgh Pirates, the 23-year-old was stopped by store security and later arrested by police who alleged that Leake removed the price tags from six T-shirts valued at $59 and tried to leave Macy's without paying. Leake pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and was sentenced. Mike Leake sentenced to 30 hours community service,
College basketball player Brandon Davies was suspended from his Brigham Young University basketball team in March for breaking the Mormon school's honor code (find out what it says). Never a great move, but it is especially bad if the school is BYU. brandon davies dismissed for having sex with girlfriend, brigham young university honor code statement,
The modern-day "Mr. Versatility," Mike Vrabel made a name for himself as a pass rusher and touchdown-catching specialist while winning three Super Bowl titles with the New England Patriots. But he made headlines in April for his arrest at an Indiana riverboat casino. The Pro Bowl linebacker was charged with a Class D felony. Mike Vrabel accused of taking bottles of alcohol from a deli without paying for them,
This fight was so raw, legendary boxing promoter Don King should've been paid to promote it. There was swinging back and forth and punches landed. The whole thing ended with a TKO. Let's remember that the participants are also in their 70s. Despite their age, former Canadian Football League players Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca were still ready to let the fists fly in November at a charity luncheon over a hot-button incident that allegedly occurred almost 50 years ago at the 1963 Grey Cup, the CFL championship game. These men have spent a long time not liking each other, and old habits die hard.
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