Ana Perez Charged With Disorderly Conduct

Ana Perez Charged With Disorderly Conduct, A woman called 911 claiming her boyfriend was attacking her with the misguided hope the police appearing would make him marry her.

A woman has been charged with disorderly conduct after calling police to try and scare her boyfriend into marrying her.

Ana Perez made an emergency call and claimed she was being attacked by her boyfriend.

When two officers arrived at her flat in Chicago she told them she had made up the story and hoped their presence would 'scare' her boyfriend into proposing.

But the officers were unamused and charged the 40-year old with disorderly conduct.

The boyfriend later told police he had not intention of marrying Perez and had been in the process of breaking up with her.

Police chiefs said officers who attended the emergency call expected to find a woman in danger.

'After the cops get there she tells them that she made up the story to get police to the scene,’’ said police Captain Ronald Pontecore.

'She called 911 to scare him and have the police force him to marry her.

'It puts us in jeopardy and the public. It’s not a good thing,' Pontecore said.

'It ticked the officers off.'

Perez was arrested at the scene.

She is due in court next month to face a disorderly conduct charge.
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