2011 Dumbest Criminals

Dumb criminals 2011, Dumbest criminals of 2011, From beat-down muggers to wannabe superheroes to inept shoplifters, 2011 brought us a never-ending supply of dimwitted crooks. While we wait to see what hijinks 2012 will bring, let’s take a look back at some of the dumbest offenders of the past year.

Man arrested for shooting mistletoe, A 66-year-old man in Georgia told police he was partaking in an annual holiday ritual when they nabbed him for firing a shotgun near a shopping mall.
Timothy Randall Clark arrested during shop with a cop, A 22-year-old man was nabbed trying to steal video games at a Wal-Mart in Maryland.
Mugger tries to rob MMA fighter, A wannabe mugger ended up beaten and shot after an attempted carjacking in Chicago. robber beat up by fighter,
Burglar Trevor Jones left Facebook open, trevor jones left facebook account open, A burglary suspect in Georgia left a trail of evidence – including his car, keys and wallet – but it was another action that sealed the deal.
Teen blames DUI crash on ‘Twilight’ teen blames dui on missing twilight, An 18-year-old woman in Illinois told police she had a very good reason for driving drunk and crashing her car.
Fake doctor arrested for cement injections, A transgendered woman in Miami was arrested after a “patient” ended up in the hospital. fake doctor injected cement into buttocks,
Jason Leon Bastrom + criminal trespass, A burglary suspect in Oregon told his side of the story (what did he say?) after he was caught watching TV on someone else’s couch.
Heroin for sale sign, Police raided a Portland, Ore., home (what did they find?) after a neighbor sent them a flier that had been posted.
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