Nam myoho renge kyo chant Tina Turner

Nam myoho renge kyo chant Tina Turner
Nam myoho renge kyo chant Tina Turner, I'm off shortly for a week's vacation in the warm waters of Puerto Rico with my boyfriend. Let me leave you with this remarkable short snippet said to be Tina Turner chanting the prayer of Nishiren Buddhism.

It was tacked on to the end of a cassette given to me once, and I have ripped this short under 4-minute chant for your listening pleasure. There seems to be one unfortunate tape drag. I cannot vouche absolutely that it is rock/r&b superstar Tina Turner, nor offer any information at all about this recording's date or circumstances. This is of course not a particularly musical selection, but the voice and breath here has a resonating quality that is quite hypnotic. Her breath at the end is positively liberating. Perhaps a remixer among you can turn this into a spiritual jazz masterwork.

It's my understanding that devotees chant this mantra "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" for spiritual and material fulfillment. Nishiren Buddhism has attracted numerous celebrity adherents including, I believe, Herbie Hancock. You can also hear Jon Lucien chant this mantra on his hit "Creole Lady" (offered here at Ile Oxumare) where he seductively entices his lady to chant with him to change their destiny.

Anyway I'm not sure what kind of computer access I'll have while away so comment moderation may be uneven...but keep them coming, keeps me inspired.

So, shall we chant and change our own destinies? See you in a week.

Source: ileoxumare
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