Teacher punishes kid for saying 'Bless you'

Teacher punishes kid for saying 'Bless you'
Teacher punishes kid for saying 'Bless you', Students in Steve Cuckovich's health class at William C. Wood High School in Vacaville, California, may face punishment if they dare to utter "God bless you" after a fellow classmate sneezes.
Those who utter the phrase in his class would see 25 points from their grade.

"You know we're Catholic. We're supposed to say, you know, your religion," a student from Will C. Wood High School told Sacramento's Fox 40. student punished bless you, 25 points off bless you, student punished bless you,

"It's respectful to say bless you," another student said.

But Cuckovich says the practice is disrespectful and disruptive.

"When you sneezed in the old days, they thought you were dispelling evil spirits out of your body," he said. "So they were saying, 'god bless you' for getting rid of evil spirits. But today, I said what you're doing doesn't really make any sense anymore."

Cuckovich said that punishing students who utter the phrase has nothing to do with religion.

Parents, however, are ourtraged, saying that Cuckovich is imposing his beliefs on the students.

Parent Alan Johnson called Cuckovich's move "ridiculous."

"First, the Pledge of Allegiance. Now, preventing a kid from saying, 'Bless You?'"

"Everybody has their right to their own beliefs," Johnson added. origins of bless you,

"But they don't have rights to impose those beliefs on other people, especially not school children."

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