Schwarzenegger Statues

Schwarzenegger Statues
Schwarzenegger Statues, Schwarzenegger statues as body builder being commissioned by Arnold himself, reports say. At least three Schwarzenegger statues as are now being commissioned by Arnold himself, depicting the former California governor during his time as a noted body builder.

As noted at NY Daily News on Monday, September 26, 2011, Arnold Schwarzenegger has personally commissioned at least three bronze statues of himself, all of them stands almost 8 feet tall. Schwarzenegger Statues,

Nevertheless, a source told them that there are as many as seven Schwarzenegger statues, each weighing about 580 pounds, and the ‘Terminator’ star’ wants to keep one of them.

Apparently, the said sculptures were based on a $100,000-worth 22-inch Schwarzenegger statue created by Idaho artist Ralph Crawford in 1980; the year Arnold won his seventh Mr. Olympia title.

Schwarzenegger, 64, won the Mr. Universe title at the age of 20 and won seven Mr. Olympia contest seven times; and the youngest to ever won the competition at the age of 23.

TW Bronze was noted to have been hired to pour the metal for the Schwarzenegger statues and owner Tim Parks told NY Daily News that the first one has been shipped to Thal, Austria earlier this month.

Incidentally, this is the childhood hometown of Schwarzenegger where a museum was built dedicated to him. Back in 1965, he joined the Austrian Army and later won the Junior Mr. Europe contest.

“None of that stuff means anything to me. That’s his personal life. I don’t think it’s anybody’s business.” Parks was quoted on the report, referring to the recent controversy involving Schwarzenegger‘s separation with wife Maria Shriver.

Meanwhile, the second Schwarzenegger statue is still under way and may be brought to Columbus, Ohio, where an Arnold Fitness Weekend is being held annually, inspired by the Hollywood actor.

Source: batangastoday
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