Radio Win A Baby

Radio Win A Baby
Radio Win A Baby. Radio ‘Win A Baby’ Contest Drawing Attention. Ottawa’s radio Hot 89.9 is getting a lot of attention after it launched its new contest. What’s the prize? A baby.

Up for grabs is a chance to win up to three fertility treatments at a local clinic, valued at $35,000. Interested parties are required to write a letter to the station explaining why they deserve the treatment. Women need to submit a reference form from a family doctor and undergo a mandatory consultation with fertility specialists to qualify for the top 5.

Since the station announced their contest, listeners have taken it to social media site Facebook to share their opinions. Here are some comments posted on the station’s Facebook page:

Casey Schofield: “I think we’re crossing some morality lines with this contest … imagine telling your child, you were a prize from a radio station because we had problems conceiving.”

Paul Grant: “Having a baby isn’t a right, it’s a privilege. If you can’t have a baby, try adopting an unwanted baby, rather than pumping your body full of hormones and getting your body to do something it obviously wasn’t made to do. Shame, Hot 89.9. You’ve lost a fan.”

Chantale McMullen: “There are so many women and couples who struggle with infertility and unfortunately sometimes the cost of fertility treatment is just way too much. Thank you Hot 89.9 for giving those of us who want a baby so bad a chance to maybe have a dream come true.”

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