foods that make you fat

Foods that make you fat
Foods that make you fat, Ok so although there aren’t any magic bullets when it comes to weight loss there are certainly ways that can help you reduce your chances of putting on pounds. More importantly perhaps, there are also foods that should never, or at least almost never, be indulged in if you’re trying to slim down. Below are some of the worst culprits when it comes to wreaking havoc on your waistline.Soda Pops: These sugary, no nutritional value, calorie adders should be avoided at all costs. Pop is notoriously bad for your health and will rot your teeth. If you’d like to avoid a mid-section spare tire and an expensive trip to the dentist, soda pop should be left off the menu. And while there are diet sodas and no sugar pops, these are still nutrionally useless. You’d be better off hydrating yourself with a cool glass of water with a little lemon or lime for flavour.

Alcohol: Like soda pop alcohol is a known diet no-no. While having a glass of red wine here and there isn’t anything to worry about and in fact can be healthy, drinking beer or any other alcoholic beverage frequently and in large quantities will do a number on your figure. The tell-tale fat midsection is called a beer belly for a reason so try to steer clear of alcoholic beverages especially when dieting.

Trans-fats: Trans-fatty-acids have been shown to be some of the worst offenders when it comes to gaining weight. Anything that contains these diet busters should be off limits when trying to lose weight. A good deal of snack food however contains these fats so look for labels that say no trans fats. As an added precaution stay away from prepackaged and prepared foods as these usually have added sodium and more calories than anything you can make yourself.

Fried Foods: All fried foods are loaded with fat and calories. Of course this is why they taste so darn good. If you’re attempting to win the battle of the bulge though, you’ll need to cut these out of your diet completely. Fried foods make you fat. Try instead preparing your own French fries with sweet potatoes and olive oil if you’re in need of a treat. This will at least be somewhat better for you than a trip to your favourite fast food joint.

Sugar: Sugary treats go directly to the waistline. Sugar is particularly bad for building abdominal fat and this is the fat that can be most deadly. Try a sugar substitute like Stevia or Zylotol if you need that extra sweetness. Experiment with replacing sugar in recipes with these sweetners.

Steering clear of some common culprits can make a huge difference when it comes to losing weight. Getting rid of fat is just as much about what you avoid as it is what you consume so be sure to cut these foods from your diet as much as possible.

Source: astronutrition
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