Downton Abbey Christmas

Downton Abbey Christmas
Downton Abbey Christmas, ITV prepare Downton Abbey special to take on BBC in the Christmas ratings war. ITV are set to knock the BBC off their Christmas ratings winning streak, by showing a feature length special of their hit show Downton Abbey.

If rivals ITV are successful this will be the first time in decade that BBC will not come out on top.

Downton Abbey already has a head start.

The drama which scooped four Emmy awards at the LA based award show earlier this month, including best miniseries, directing, writing and supporting actress, beat off strong competition from US Drama shows.
The drama is watched by 9.3 million viewers and was applauded by the shows creator Julian Fellowes at the award show, who said:
'At the risk of sounding grandiloquent, I would like to thank you, the American industry.

'Ten years ago you kick started my second career with an Oscar [for his Gosford Park screenplay], tonight you have nurtured it. I am very grateful, thank you.'

ITV who reportedly plan to show a 90 minute feature of Downton Abbey on Christmas day, which stars Hugh Bonneville, have ruffled the BBC schedulers feathers.
It is claimed the BBC are now trying to find a show that will bat of their strong competition.
It will be a tough ratings war for the BBC, as their earlier attempt dent ITV's ratings failed.

BBC have already tried to rival Downton Abbey with their hit drama series Spooks. Downton Abbey Christmas,

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