Best cities for mustaches?

Best cities for mustaches?
Best cities for mustaches?, Currently looking for flights to Chicago? Skip the morning shave. Chicago was recently named the most mustache-friendly city in America!The Windy City was bestowed the tremendous honor by the American Mustache Institute (AMI), an organization founded in 1965 which works toward greater acceptance and promotion of mustaches.

The title was awarded after two years of thorough research and interviews with hundreds of mustachioed men around the country. Chicago beat out other facial hair heavyweights like Houston, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City, Detroit, and Milwaukee. Best cities for mustaches?, mustache  friendly cities, American Mustache Institute,

The announcement comes before AMI’s annual Stache Bash charity benefit which will take place in Chicago on October 28. The benefit will raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation, LIVESTRONG.

The institute’s list includes these cities in:
No. 2: Texas
No. 3: Pennsylvania
No. 4: Oklahoma
No. 5: Michigan
No. 6: Wisconsin
No. 7: Ohio
No. 8: New York
No. 9: Alabama
No. 10: Florida

Source: NBC Chicago
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