How to score best online coupons

How to score best online coupons
How to score best online coupons. How TO: Score the Best Online Deal. Recently, I was raving about shoes I fell in love with at Kohl’s, here, and as much as I did love them they were out of my size in the store. So I decided to try their website to see what I can find – and I have to say as much as I do enjoy “hands on” shopping, I seem to always score the better deal online. I have decided to give you a few “how tos” on how to shop online and score the best deal, and believe me it is so gratifying when you see your total slowly continuing to decrease as you enter those coupon codes. FYI- I was able to score these sandals for $33, instead of $64.99! Whoop Whoop!

1.) If you are shopping for a popular brand, start out by googling the brand, or item you are looking for so you are able to compare prices at a few websites. To make things easier you could use a website that will compare things automatically such as Nex-Tag. If you are lusting after a brand exclusive to a store you have no choice but to go straight to that particular store’s website (i.e. the Elle shoes I was lusting after were exclusive to Kohl’s).

2.) Find your item, add to bag.

3.) Once in your shopping bag, search the website where you are purchasing the item for “Free Shipping” promotional codes, these are more common than not now a days and are worth looking for.

4.) Can’t find any promotional codes on the website? Go to your Google search box and type in, for example, “Macy’s Coupon Codes” and see what you find. Most of the item it will redirect you to a coupon code website and wahlah, it’s up to you to punch in the codes and see if you have success!

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