Celebrity name changes

Celebrity name changes
Celebrity name changes. Chad Ochocinco is the latest celeb to change his name. The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver claims he's had enough of "Ochocinco" and is reverting to his given name. What is it?
The wannabe-famous change their names for many reasons, but image plays a big role. Would the icons of the acting, comedy, music and sports worlds be as well known if they hadn't? See if you can figure out the stage names of the following stars.
real names of classic Hollywood stars
Roy Scherer Jr. - Before he became one of the most recognized romantic leading men in the '50s and '60s, most notably in a film starring another classic heartthrob, he served as an aircraft mechanic in World War II.

Marion Morrison - This grandson of a Civil War vet was a tough guy on the athletic field for this school, well known for this sport, before he brought his bravado to the movie screen.

Frances Gumm - At the age of 17, this actress was cast in her best-known role. Unfortunately, she was unable to escape her real-life problems with a click of her heels.

Greta Gustafsson - After a long career in Hollywood, this Swedish-born actress retired into seclusion, living in the same apartment for nearly 40 years. In 1976, she was unknowingly photographed by this magazine while out for a swim.

Margarita Cansino - This daughter of Spanish dancers saw her acting career rise to rare air after she starred in this movie named after her hair color.
Real names of classic Hollywood stars
Norma Jean (Mortenson) Baker - This iconic actress was known for her hair color, which was not natural. Before she sang for a president, Baker at 16 pursued a modeling career.

Archibald Alexander Leach - At 14, this Hollywood heartthrob-to-be with a distinctive accent left school for a career in acting. At 62, he finally stopped making movies -- for a reason.

Doris von Kappelhoff - As a child, this bubbly blonde wanted to perform this kind of dance, but a car accident dashed that dream. Undeterred, she turned to another kind of lesson.

Frederick Austerlitz - This Austrian-born entertainer is known for his look and his dance moves with his famous partner.

Lucille LeSueur - As a child, this starlet-to-be escaped abuse by winning a dance contest. She was discovered in the 1920s by a Hollywood film studio.
Real names of female actors
Alicia Christian Foster - This legendary actress started in showbiz at just 3 years old. She went on to win an Academy Award for this film.

Winona Laura Horowitz - This "Little Woman" was named after the Minnesota town in which she was born. She also took a starring role in a 1999 film adaptation of this author's book.

Edna Gilhooley - This legendary actress sustained a permanent injury to this body part while she was filming this iconic movie. Her performance still garnered her Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations.

Joyce Frankenberg - After starring in English films, this British actress earned international attention when she took a leading role in a well-known American movie series.
Real names of female actresses
Demetria Guynes - She got her acting break playing Jackie Templeton on this daytime soap opera, and she is the cougar wife of this actor.

Susan Tomaling - She was nominated for five Academy Awards in the 1990s alone, and she bore two children to this actor.

Dana Elaine Owens - Before this "Queen" got her start in showbiz, she worked for this King.

Amanda Lee Rogers - Perhaps best known for her marriage to this Hollywood funnywoman, this blonde from Down Under legally changed her name at 15, preferring to follow this literary heroine.
Real names of "male celebrities"
John Charles Carter - The Academy Award-winning leading man was an active president of this gun-toting organization.

Maurice Micklewhite - This actor was given this honor by this royal figure after he was nominated for an Academy Award in every decade since the 1960s.

Mark Vincent - Vincent's career began to take off after a role in this blockbuster, helmed by this superstar director.

Nicolas Coppola - Looking to avoid the association of being this famous director's nephew, Coppola changed his last name to that of one of his favorite comic book characters.
Real names of "male celebrities"
Thomas Mapother IV - At 14, this future Hollywood heartthrob's ambition was to become this kind of Catholic dignitary. Seven years later, he was dancing in his underwear in this 1983 hit movie.

Issur Danielovitch - This legendary actor is also the father of another prominent actor.

Ramon Estevez - This actor has starred in more than 65 films, and he commonly plays these roles.
Real names of comedians
Caryn Johnson - This dreadlocked comedian created her stage name after this prank prop.

Paul Rubenfeld - Best known for his role as an obnoxious man-child who wore a too small suit and red bow-tie, Rubenfeld saw his career come crashing down after a police sting operation caught him here.

Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz - This satirical comedian had a regular role on this show before he got his own in 1999 and took it to new heights.

Eric Bishop - This actor got his start on this hit 1990s sketch comedy show, but he's better-known now as a dramatic actor and musician.

Joan Sandra Molinsky - Known for her brash humor and raspy voice, this well-known talk show host was the official substitute for this late-night mainstay until she got her own show on a rival network.

Jacob Cohen - Although he was made fun of as a child, Cohen would earn plenty of respect once he got his big break on this late-night funnyman's show.

David Atkins - This son of a Baptist preacher went on to play college basketball at this mile-high university andserve in this wing of the U.S. military before becoming a famous comedian.

Allen Konigsberg - He's best known for acting in, directing or writing movies, but this New York-born comedian is also an accomplished player of this instrument.
Real names of female musicians
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta - This extravagant and sometimes bizarre performer got her name from a hit song put out by a royal band that rose to fame in the 1970s.

Alicia Augello Cook - This piano-playing prodigy dropped out of this Ivy League school to pursue music, picking up multiple Grammys after the release of her first album.

Yvette Stevens - This 1980s pop and R&B star first adopted her African name as a youth, while working for a free breakfast program put on by this black activist group.

Erica Wright - Her unusual Afro-centric style andher success as a musician have earned her the title of "queen" of this music genre.

Eileen Regina Edwards - Inspired by contrasting music styles, including a blind R&B legend and a country belle, this Canadian vixen went on to achieve crossover fame herself.

Cherilyn Sarkisian - At 17, this daughter of a refugee from this country began her rise in showbiz, partnering with a future U.S. representative to form one of the greatest pop duos.

Robyn Fenty - The "Barbados Babe" has recorded six U.S. No. 1 singles, rivaling this megastar female performer's success over the last 10 years.

Myra Ellen Amos - At 11, this musician was kicked out of school for not being able to read sheet music. She went on to become one of the most successful rock artists in the 1990s, notably for her use of this instrument.

Alecia Moore - This chart-topping pop artist is also married to this professional motocross star.

Patricia Andrejewski - She was the first female to have a music video appear on this pioneering cable station, and this 1980 hit earned her the first of her Grammys.
Rockers' real names
Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner - This English singer-songwriter started in a popular rock band. Afterward, he went solo and earned multiple Oscar nominations.

Robert James Ritchie - This Motor City native is an unlikely success story, having recorded his first demo and been kicked off of a major label a decade before he became a star.

William Rose-Bailey - This former church choir boy became the poster boy for hard rock after teaming with this glam metal guitarist to form this rosy band.

Paul Hewson - This international rock star hails from this European island and is known for being an outspoken humanitarian. In 2005, Hewson put on eight concerts to help bring attention to this cause.

Prince Rogers Nelson - This flamboyant rock star overcame a brain disease as a child. He went on to record a plethora of hit songs, including this well-known apocalyptic party hit.

Saul Hudson - As a child, this future rock star was making a name for himself as an award-winning rider of this bike brand. He turned to the guitar, joining this legendary glam-metal band.

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner - This English singer-songwriter started in a popular rock band. Afterwards, he went solo and earned multiple Oscar nominations.

Chaim Witz - In honor of this jumping songwriter and singer, Witz changed his name before he became most famous for wagging this body part.

Anna Mae Bullock - Well-known for her tumultuous marriage to a musical pioneer, she saw her story told in a 1993 biopic.
Rappers' real names
Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. - By 15, this prodigy was the youngest rapper in this late-'90s rap group. By 1999, he had a verse on this track by another New Orleans rapper.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III - In 2002, this rapper known for violent and satirical lyrics recorded what became the longest-running No. 1 hip-hop single for the soundtrack to this biopic.

Curtis Jackson - In 2000, Jackson's life and future stardom were threatened when he was allegedly shot nine times. Two years later he was discovered by this slim rapper.

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. - Originally known as "Tip," he changed his surname after being signed to this record label out of respect for this jazz rapper and labelmate.

Earl Simmons - Simmons got his stage name from the instrument he used to make beats in the 1980s. Simmons was arrested in 2004 and has said he wants to go into the ministry.

O'Shea Jackson - He's an original member of a group with a three-letter name that pushed a controversial brand of rap music. He's an accomplished solo artist and actor.

Shawn Carter - This Brooklyn native and rap mogul's stage name was partially inspired by the subway line that stopped by the New York housing project where he grew up.

James Todd Smith - He may now be best known for his role on this police drama, but he is also an accomplished rapper. He won his first Grammy in 1990 for this knockout hit.

Aubrey Drake Graham - This rap superstar got his start on a Canadian teen television drama. His career as a rapper took off when a single was nominated for two Grammys.

Cordozar Calvin Broadus - The former member of this West Coast gang spent time in prison after high school before being discovered by this "doctor."
Crooners' real names
Barry Alan Pincus - Before his solo career launched, Pincus was busy writing commercial jingles, including one for an insurance company that's "like a good neighbor."

Clayton Holmes Grissom - This pop star had intended to go into education, teaching children with this condition, but he was persuaded by a friend to try out for a U.S. reality show.

Georgios Panayiotou - This '80s and '90s male sex symbol was an original member of this British pop group. He went on to a successful but often controversial solo career, marked by BBC censorship of this 1987 hit.

Stevland Judkins - At 11, the music wonder who could not see signed his first record deal and went on to produce more than 30 Top 10 hits in the U.S.

George Alan O'Dowd - This androgynous rock/pop star helped pioneer this English fashion movement in the early '80s, and he got his start with a young band named after the diverse ethnic backgrounds of its members.

Marvin Lee Aday - Known for his operatic rock albums, this entertainer got his start in this hairy Broadway musical. He is best known for his work with this writer on these "batty" albums.
Athletes' real names
Eldrick Woods - This world-famous athlete started embarrassing golfers before he turned 3, winning this U-10 event and beating his father by the age of 11.

Terry Gene Bollea - This golden-haired giant got his name from a television interview with this hulking TV star who played this menacing monster. The interviewer commented on Bollea's size in comparison.

Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. - He's considered "the greatest of all time" because he dominated his sport for so long and for his stance on this unpopular war. Clay officially dropped his birth name when he became a part of a religious organization.

Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr. - This NBA Hall of Famer is credited with patenting this post move and became well-known for using this protective gear in games.

Paul Michael Levesque - This pro wrestler was first noticed after winning this body-building competition. His reputation as a tough-guy wrestler landed him a spot in this beer commercial.

Mark Calloway - This fearsome fighter is one of the longest-standing members of this organization and is the only current, full-time wrestler to have made an appearance on this raw Monday-evening show.

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