celebrities who don't look their age

celebrities who don't look their age
celebrities who don't look their age. Music legend Prince is celebrating a surprising birthday this week. Turns out, the eternally youthful-looking Purple One isn't the only celeb whose real age shocked us.
Kirstie Alley
We think the TV actress – who chronicled her weight struggles on her reality show before shedding the inches on "Dancing With the Stars" – looks way younger than her actual age.
Lindsay Lohan
Years of hard living have taken their toll on the former Disney star, who could easily pass for her mom's sister
Susan Sarandon
The seemingly ageless Oscar winner – who split with her longtime younger partner last year – has since been seen keeping company with an even younger man.
Johnny Depp
The three-time Oscar nominee has only gotten better looking since he first caught our eyes on "21 Jump Street."
Heidi Montag
The reality TV star looks way older after having several plastic surgery procedures in one day.
Michelle Pfeiffer
Somehow, the three-time Oscar nominee doesn't look a day older than when she first caught Hollywood's attention in a 1983 cult classic.
Helen Mirren
The Oscar winner from across the pond is the epitome of the phrase "aging gracefully" and her spot on this recent list proves it.
David Bowie
The British pop star has been wowing fans since his days as this iconic '70s glam rock persona.
Miley Cyrus
Her multiple tattoos, sexy clothing and antics make us forget that the TV and pop star still can't even legally drink.
Raquel Welch
The screen legend is arguably just as sexy today as she when she donned a fur bikini for a 1960s caveman flick.
Tina Turner
The rock 'n' roll diva -- who survived an abusive marriage – just keeps getting stronger and sexier every year. Maybe living in paradise doesn't hurt?
Robert Pattinson
Maybe it's his role as a 100-something-year-old vampire in the "Twilight" movies that makes the bed-headed British actor seem way older to us.
The Black Eyed Peas singer blames her past drug addiction for adding years to her appearance.
The former supermodel is still gracing the world with her beauty as co-host of a fashion reality show on Bravo.
Keith Richards
Years of drugging and drinking have taken their toll on the Rolling Stones guitarist.
Halle Berry
The Oscar-winning actress – who has a 3-year-old daughter – keeps showing off her svelte figure in body-baring dresses
Taylor Momsen
The "mature"-dressing actress/rock singer with a penchant for stripper heels is no longer the little Cindy Lou Who we knew and loved.

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