Are you dating the wrong person

Are you dating the wrong person

Are you dating the wrong person. Have you ever looked at your relationship or your life and wondered if you are dating the right person? If you are ever going to get what you want from the person that you are currently involved with? There are some signs that you can look for that will tell you whether or not you are dating the wrong person. Some of them are painfully obvious, yet we don’t really see them for what they are. Some signs to look for if you are in the wrong relationship include but are not limited to:

Common Signs You Are in the Long Relationship

1. You’re not happy. This seems obvious, yet so many people are in relationships where they are generally unhappy. This doesn’t mean that you will never fight, but overall you should be really happy with your relationship. If you are never happy or satisfied with the relationship, chances are it is just not the right one.

2. You don’t like who you are in the relationship. The right relationship will have you not only happy in general with what is going on, but happy with who you are. When you are in the wrong relationship you will find that you just don’t like who you are and you are not satisfied with it.

3. Everyone around you wants you to get out. While you cannot date who your friends and your family think you should date, when everyone around you is urging you to get out of the relationship you may want to stop and think about that. If the people that you trust and love you the most see that you are not happy, they will generally express this and you may want to pay attention!

4. You think about other people and what relationships with them would be like. You may not have admitted it to yourself, but if you are constantly thinking about other people and imagining yourself in a relationship with them, chances are you are not in the right relationship currently. If you are happy you won’t be fantasizing regularly about other people and how you would be in a relationship with them.

5. Your instincts or “gut” tell you that you should get out. We often spend a good deal of our life ignoring our gut feelings, but you should follow them. Most people who are in the wrong relationship know it, deep down, but they ignore these feelings. You need to tap into your instinct and follow it, because you’ll find if you follow it that you will be much happier than if you continue to ignore it and stay in a relationship that really does not fulfill you in every way.

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