Famous June events

Famous June events
Famous June events. As we saw famous June birthdays and celebrities wedding so here is the list of famous June events.

01-June: International Childrens Day 2011

02-June: Ascension Day 2011

04-June: World Naturist Day 2011

04-June: International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

05-June: World Environment Day 2011

06-June: Cuddle Up Day 2011

08-June: World Ocean Day 2011

10-June: National Iced Tea Day

11-June: King Kamehameha Day

14-June: National United States Flag Day

14-June: World Blood Donor Day 2011

15-June: Full Moon Day 2011

16-June: Morticians Day

19-June: June: eteenth 2011

19-June: World Sauntering Day 2011

19-June: Fathers Day 2011

19-June: World Sickle Cell Day 2011

20-June: World Refugee Day 2011

21-June: World Music Day 2011

21-June: Midsummers Eve

22-June: National Penuche Day

23-June: International Olympic Day 2011

24-June: Feast of John Baptist

26-June: Coal Miners Day

26-June: International Anti Drugs Day 2011

27-June: National HIV Testing Day

28-June: National Handshake Day 2011

29-June: Friendship Festival
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