Emma Watson says no to skinny

Emma Watson says no to skinny
Emma Watson says no to skinny. Actress Emma Watson does not "aspire" to a size zero figure and says that the Hollywood trend pressures teenage girls to starve themselves.The 21-year-old ''Harry Potter'' star is a teen idol and says that she works out to stay healthy, not slim, reported Daily Mail online.

"It''s just not something that I aspire to, to be skinny. It''s not inspirational at all for me. I''m lucky that I''m this size naturally. I don''t diet, I love chocolate and pasta and I love baking," Watson said.

"There is so much pressure on girls our age to be smart and pretty and funny and skinny, they have to be everything. I definitely know what that pressure is like, but my philosophy is to eat what you like and be healthy and exercise," she said.

Watson is currently shooting her latest film ''The Perks Of Being A Wallflower''.

She plays a high school girl in the big screen adaptation of the ''1999'' book by Stephen Chbosky which deals with issues like homosexuality and child abuse.

Source: yahoo
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