Lady Killers The Tough 10

Lady Killers The Tough 10
Babydoll's name belies her deadliness in the new action flick, 'Sucker Punch.' But she's just the latest in a long line of Hollywood women who kill with abandon.

Sucker Punch
A mostly female action-fantasy that's new in theaters this weekend, stars an up-and-comer as a gun-toting, sword-swinging killer with a deceptively sweet name. She dispatches zombies and robots with brutality, but she also wears a thigh-high skirt. Here's a look at 10 of the toughest lady killers ever to hit the big screen, from Western gunslingers to alien killers.
Joan Crawford
In the gender-bending 1954 Western "Johnny Guitar," this silver-screen legend wore the pants and packed the pistols, while co-star Sterling Hayden mostly strummed.
Tura Satana
As the leader of a girl gang in Russ Meyer's 1965 sexploitation classic, "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!," this black-haired powerhouse kills a man with her bare hands.
Sigourney Weaver
As Ripley in 1979's "Alien", she turned a distressed-damsel role into a tough-as-nails character who survived through three more films
Lori Petty
This star of a baseball movie classic played the title role in 1995's "Tank Girl," the negatively reviewed adaptation of the sci-fi comic books. Perhaps it was ahead of its time.
Bridget Fonda
This legendary actor's granddaughter starred as a deceptively pretty assassin in 1993's "Point of No Return," though Luc Besson's original 1990 French version, "Nikita," remains a landmark among action chick flicks.
Milla Jovovich
The cat-eyed actress has helped make the pulpy "Resident Evil" franchise, based on a video game, a dependable seller at the box office since 2002.
Uma Thurman
Her otherworldly beauty made her an odd but surprisingly effective choice in Quentin Tarantino's ultraviolent "Kill Bill" movies.
Noomi Rapace
In 2009's "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," the Swedish actress originated the role of
goth-punk bisexual sleuth Lisbeth Salander, the heroine in a best-selling trilogy (buy the books). Fans are waiting to see if Rooney Mara can fill her boots in the upcoming American version
Chloe Grace Moretz
In last year's "Kick-Ass," this sassy young actress played the 11-year-old superhero Hit Girl, racking up a sky-high body count and cursing a blue streak.
Angelina Jolie
One of the few widely successful female action stars, Jolie recently took the lead in the CIA thriller "Salt," a role originally written for a man. Her "Lara Croft" franchise is set for a relaunch; her replacement has not been announced.
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