Top 7 Weirdest Tv Game Shows

Some challenge and trivia game shows are pretty straightforward, and their formulas have been copied throughout Asia, Europe and Africa. But we've found a few gems with an intrinsic insanity all their own. These shows are often not about winning money at all; they're all about oddness, or shock value.
Japan is often put on a pedestal when it comes to bizarre and often slightly NSFW shows. There was even an American series honoring them. Tune in to see which other countries are peculiar programming pros.

1: 'Wetten, Dass?'
Germany's seminal betting show has contenders take on such absurd feats as identifying birds while blindfolded with a single clue, or making a car go in a really unconventional way. Beforehand, celebrity guests wager on the players' success. And these aren't just domestic stars; we're talking internationally known actors, models, tastemakers and a "King."

2: 'Infinite Challenge'
This hybrid is one of Korea's top shows. Its six hosts (not contestants) face challenges that range from draggish pop star-impersonating to competitive golfing. The show -- now in its fourth season -- has included a hanbok-clad socialite from the U.S., as well as a tennis queen.

3: 'Human Tetris'
In Japan, it's known by this title, and it had yet another title when it aired in the United States. The concept is this: A wall with Tetris-shaped cut-outs is thrust at contestants who must contort their bodies in order to fit through the holes, lest they get pushed into a pool of water and lose points. It looks as wacky as it sounds. The show has expanded to include different cut-out shapes and dozens of international spin-offs.

4: 'Bitoy's Showww Time'
This Pinoy show is equal parts singing competition, silly home videos and crazy stunts. Sounds pretty standard for a variety game show ... until you check out the host, who dresses like a futuristic emperor, a princess, or a pirate on any given day. Given his nickname (he has a pretty distinct a real name, too), you come to expect the unexpected. Ever wonder what it's like to watch a kid rip into a coconut with his teeth while belly dancers cheer him on? Wonder no more.

5: 'El Gran Juego de la Oca'
This Spanish show (which originally debuted here) went off the air in the late '90s. But when it was on, this spin-off of a children's board game was not kidding around. There were stunts of the messy, embarrassing and downright gross variety. It may call to mind a U.S. show that clearly took some punishment pointers.

6: 'Dadagiri'
With a distinction this sinister, this Indian program is almost too scary to watch. In order to win cash, contestants have to relive an unfortunate rite of passage, as the hosts take on a hated role. The pugnacious show has seen controversy and even has its own meme.

7: 'Distraction'
This U.K. show was hosted by a British comedian who eliminated contestants with trivia questions. Players would mull those questions over while wearing shocking accessories, or with obstacles that could catch them off-guard. Pain and humiliation were handed out on every episode. "Distraction" had a two-season run on a U.S. network, and a knock-off version could be seen most recently in South America.
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